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At the Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia, our mission is clear: to help families grow through gestational surrogacy. With over 15 years of local experience, we’re dedicated to advocating for and supporting surrogates and the families they partner with.

Gestational surrogacy is on the rise as more individuals and couples explore non-traditional paths to parenthood. Many prospective parents have the desire, the resources, and the determination, but often find themselves on waiting lists due to a shortage of qualified surrogates. This challenge is partly driven by national trends in maternal health, where conditions like hypertension, obesity, and diabetes, exacerbated by pregnancy, have become more prevalent. Additionally, there’s an increase in postpartum depression rates, which can disqualify potential surrogates.

Despite many women meeting the health criteria to become surrogates and having a genuine interest or calling for it, there are myths that deter them from taking the leap. In the infographic below, we’ll debunk the most common misconceptions we’ve encountered from gestational carrier candidates who’ve reached out to us or applied to become surrogates.


If you’d like more information about becoming a surrogate through the Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia, we invite you to complete an inquiry form HERE!


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