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Meet Theresa Feeley, a local mom, and the new owner of Pure Wellness Studio! Read more below about how Theresa’s background as a physical therapist lead her to specializing in pelvic health, menopause treatment, and doula services after becoming a mom herself. We also discuss some of her favorite things to do with her daughters in the area, why she believes all women should feel healthy and strong, and how our community has inspired her as a business owner!

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in town?

I am from Hillsborough, NJ (west central from here) and moved down here in 2010.  I have always been a beach bum, and wanted a permanent residence closer to the shore.

Child(ren) and Age(s)? 

I have 2 daughters, Allison who is 8 and in 3rd grade and Julie who is 6 and in 1st grade.

One thing people would be surprised to know about you…

I am a huge library book junkie, anything from cookbooks to romance novels.  I love to reserve books online, and then browse for more when I go to pick them up.  I always have 5-8 books out, and even though I can renew them online, I somehow always forget.  But I feel like the library fines help to support my habit so I consider it a donation.

Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through parenthood?

My husband – he is amazing to both me and the girls.  He makes parenting in our house a team sport.  One of my favorite things that he does is always takes the girls grocery shopping on the weekends.  He started it when our first daughter was about 9 months old.  It’s a huge help to get the shopping done and also gives me time to take a yoga class or workout. 

Favorite things to do with your kids? 

One of my favorite things to do with them is to take them on a lunch/shopping date when it is just me and one of them.  I love the one on one time with each of them, and how their personalities shine in a different way when they have me to themselves.  Another favorite tradition I have with them is our Friday Snack Platters.  My husband is a basketball coach and sometimes not home until late during the season.  The girls always want different snacks after school, so instead of using a bunch of plates, one Friday I put it all together and called it a snack platter (really just a glorified charcuterie board).  We cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie together.  They still get excited for “Snack Platter Fridays” every week when we don’t have other plans.


Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or in the corporate world? Please share!

Yes!  I recently opened my own Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and Yoga Studio in Sea Girt.  I have been a PT for many years and was primarily an orthopedic PT.  After going through my pregnancies and childbirth, I was shocked at what little support I was offered and how much I needed to advocate for myself.  Even after asking my doctors for help, I felt that they brushed my complaints aside.  This spiraled me into learning more about my body, and everything related to Women’s Health.  I have since become a Certified Pelvic Health Practitioner, Certified Menopause Instructor and most recently completed Birth Doula training.  

The Pure Wellness Studio is a safe space where I can help clients learn about their bodies, heal and feel supported throughout their entire lifespan.  Whether it is the journey through prenatal, childbirth and postpartum, or the journey through perimenopause and post menopause.  I want to ensure that women are provided with the care that they need at all times in their life.  I am offering specialized yoga classes, as well as education workshops with focus on Women’s Health topics (prenatal, postpartum, menopause, menstrual cycle).

I believe that ALL women should feel healthy and strong throughout their ENTIRE life.  I believe that education empowers women to advocate for themselves and their bodies.  I love providing a full body and lifestyle approach.

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

The many amazing moms out there who have started their own business have been very inspirational to me.  As a mom, there are a million and one thoughts and feelings that go through your head at any given moment.  And so many doubts and moments of guilt.  The more we stay together and help to lift and inspire each other, the stronger we are.  I feel like the Monmouth Moms network does that in so many ways.

What is your favorite restaurant in Monmouth County?

Another tough one.  I think Harpoon Willy’s is my favorite.  It has been our “go to” spot for so many special occasions – the night we got engaged, the day we put our very first bid on our house, the day we found out we were having a girl.  Having all of those milestones associated with it makes it special.


What is your favorite activity to do with your children in Monmouth County? 

Definitely the beach!

What are your Mom Goals? 

This is tough.  My biggest Mom Goal is to be a good mom.  I want my girls to grow up to be good people, independent thinkers and strong, successful women.  I want to make sure that we maintain our family values, and the importance of being together as a family.  I want us to have an open and honest relationship, and that they know I am always here for them.  And at some point I would love to make the balance of momming and my career feel simple!



555 Washington Blvd.

Sea Girt, NJ 08750


(732) 233-2134

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