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At NicoleHD Jewelry, our mission is to make high quality fine jewelry accessible to everyone. Our founder Nicole Hendelman-Dersovitz comes from a family of jewelers and has rocked the jewelry industry for over 3 decades – so you can trust she knows that when buying fine jewelry, you want to choose pieces that are timeless and hold their value. Learn more about Nicole and her background in our last post! That’s why she personally curates each collection of our 14k and 18k gold and diamond everyday fine jewelry to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship. Here are a few of her insider tips on making a jewelry investment. 


What to Consider When Making a Jewelry Investment

When making a savvy jewelry investment, you want to consider a few things, including the material, style and value. You want to choose pieces that make you feel beautiful and will hold their value for years to come. NicoleHD Jewelry offers a wide range of everyday pieces that will last you a lifetime. From diamond tennis bracelets to classic gold chains, NicoleHD Jewelry pieces are sophisticated, high-quality, and sold without the high mark-up that is common in the jewelry industry.  NicoleHD Jewelry pieces are the perfect jewelry investment.

Read on to learn more about making a smart jewelry investment. We want you to feel confident about your next purchase!


Understand the Jewelry Material

Precious metals, like 14k and 18k gold and platinum will hold their value. Jewelry made from these materials will last a lifetime, not just a season or two. Costume jewelry, or jewelry made from gold plated metals can be attractive because they can be made to look like fine jewelry, and are sold at a lower price, but costume jewelry is not a good investment.These pieces are meant to last a season, maybe two. They can never be a staple in your jewelry box because they tarnish, the plating rubs off, and they often break easily.

Fine jewelry is a smart jewelry investment. You will spend a little more, but you will get a piece that is expertly crafted, and made from precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones. In addition, you will have something that you will love and will last a lifetime.


Decide Between Seasonal Trends and Timeless Pieces

Trends change every season, and while some, like we’ve recently seen, do come back into style, it is smart to consider making your investment with a more timeless jewelry piece.

Bangles or simple gold chains are good places to start. They are dainty and minimal while still radiating elegance. It is the type of piece that you can wear with anything and your outfit of the day will be complete just like that! Our Diamond Tennis Bracelet is easy to wear, classy, and perfectly versatile. You’ll find yourself mixing and matching it with all kinds of styles.

Simple gold chains, like our Solid Gold Petite Link Chain, make for great staples. Made from 14k gold, it will last you many years. You can do so much with a versatile and straightforward chain necklace like this. Layer it and add charms to make it match the latest trends, making it both timeless and trendy. Owning a basic piece that’s exquisitely crafted guarantees it will never go out of style. You can even pass it down between generations. Vintage is always in!

Deciding between season trends and timeless pieces can be tricky. Consider your personal style and wardrobe. Can you wear this piece everyday? Can you style it to match current trends? Will this piece look as sophisticated in 5 years? These are important questions to ask when making a savvy jewelry investment.


Educate Yourself On The Brand

When making a jewelry investment, it is just as important to learn about the brand you are purchasing from. You can learn more about their return policy, their founder and mission.

At NicoleHD Jewelry we pride ourselves on our founder’s story. Nicole launched NicoleHD Jewelry in 2014 after working in the jewelry industry for over 20 years. Her background in visual arts and metal-smithing has given her a full understanding of the importance of quality and design. Her collections feature modern and classic designs made with the highest quality materials and finest craftsmanship.

 “I created NicoleHD Jewelry for the women who likes a little extra sparkle in their day, gold against their skin and high quality diamonds in their jewelry. Each piece is expertly designed and crafted with only the finest materials so it can look and feel timeless with each passing year.”

NicoleHD Jewelry is a brand you can trust. Nicole has created a community of powerful women and a loyal following across the country.


Feel Good About Your Purchase

Although material, style, and brand are important considerations, the most important factor is how you feel in your jewelry. If you feel beautiful, it is worth the investment.

From necklaces to charms to earrings, we have styles for everyone. NicoleHD Jewelry wants to make sure you feel confident about your next jewelry investment! Shop the entire collection here. Make sure to sign up for our VIP list to get notified when we have new jewelry drops, sales, and events!

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