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   Lauren Dorman, a local Registered non diet dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator, provides local families the guidance they need to make healthier food choices without starving themselves or jumping on the fad diet bandwagon. Lauren discusses how she works with her clients below, giving us an entirely new perspective on how we think about weight loss.


If you felt self blame and failure from multiple diet attempts, you’ll be relieved to know it was never your fault and you did not fail! The diet was actually designed by the 72 billion dollar (and climbing ) industry to fail 95-98 percent of people based on our bodies physiological energy needs, which causes many years of a restrict and binge cycle and feeling out of control around certain foods.  The Weight Watchers failure rate is 99 percent.  This means 1 percent reach their goal weight and maintain it. Who wants to count points for the rest of their lives? Please let that sink in.



There is a HUGE myth out there that if you eat less and exercise more you will lose weight and become more healthy.  It sounds logical, however this is simply not the way the human body works.  Let’s look at the Minnesota starvation study results in 1944, before diets were even popular.  The participants were restricted to a certain amount of calories per day for 12 weeks. They experienced depression, hysteria, food preoccupation, disordered eating patterns, guilt about eating, and a decline in comprehension, concentration, and judgement. Would anyone call this health? Certainly not.


Imagine if diets came with a side effect label which included disordered eating, increased cravings, loss of hunger and fullness cues, rebound weight gain, depression, lower self esteem, self blame and guilt (to name a few!). 65 percent of women ages 26-45 struggle with disordered eating and many do not get the help they need. The main reason for this surprising statistic is because our society puts the thin ideal as a priority over sustainable health behaviors.


If you could speak to your younger self now when you started that first diet, what would you tell her? Many of our current clients truly understand the impact and harm of dieting on their health, and how it only caused future weight gain and a feeling of self loathing, shame, and failure. When you can let go of the motivation, discipline, and willpower and instead focus on a curiosity, kindness, respect and self compassion framework, true health shines through.


Would you be open to a resolution to make 2022 the year you stopped dieting and started working on healing your relationship with food? I can promise you will never fail with life changing, sustainable health behaviors. I will not bandaid my clients. I will stitch them and heal from within a true self-care discovery process where nutrition is just one component.


Lauren Dorman, the Don’t Diet dietician, provides virtual consultations throughout the US. She believes that dieting harms our mental and physical health and steals the joy from eating. With over 19 years experience, Lauren has a passion for improving her patient’s mental, emotional, and physical health.

Coaching Specialities Include:

  • Chronic Dieting
  • Disordered Eating
  • Emotional Eating
  • Body Image and Self Esteem Therapy
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Education; Improving Glucose Levels without Restrictions
  • Helping families with selective/picky eaters to create peaceful mealtimes


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