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   Local functional nutrition coaching business, Eighty, (recently featured in our 2022 Fitness & Wellness Guide!) is helping moms tackle their wellness goals head-on this winter. If you’re sick of starving yourself to lose weight (with no results), feeling irritable and lethargic, and sitting at the dinner table with your chalky processed diet bar while your family eats real food, keep reading. Ali Kucich of Eighty, a functional medicine nutritionist and health coach, is helping Monmouth Moms feel better, look better, and feel better, and she can help you too!


Hey Mom, if you could wave a magic wand, what would 2022 look like for your health?

Being a mom is the most incredible and rewarding job in the world.  It’s also the most demanding, exhausting, and time-consuming role you’ve ever undertaken.  And if you’re like many busy moms, the little box on your to-do list next to “self-care” often remains unchecked.


It’s not that you don’t want to prioritize your health and wellness goals, it’s just that there’s a lot less time – and so much conflicting information out there.  Then there’s the fact that your body doesn’t cooperate the way it used to when you were twenty.  And why are you always short-tempered and just so darn tired lately?!?


Sometimes, figuring out your own health seems like way too much effort, so you plan to get to it when life settles down, or after a big vacation, birthday or holiday.  Or at the start of a new year.


Would it help to know that there is an easy solution?  Because there is.  We created Eighty to help moms just like you!  We support you, so that you can keep on supporting everyone else — while also feeling alive and healthy in your own body.


Eighty is a functional nutrition coaching business just for women, created by a board-certified functional medicine nutritionist and health coach, who also happens to be a mother of four.


At Eighty, we help busy moms transform their bodies, health, and lives through sustainable, science-based programs. And we support you all the way!  No gimmicks, no fads, no magic bullets, and definitely no crash diets!

Our programs give you the strategy, tools, and resources that allow you to:

  • lose weight
  • support/rebalance your hormones
  • regain your energy
  • sleep restfully
  • be in a better mood
  • eliminate joint pain
  • have a better sex drive
  • clear up your skin
  • feel like yourself again


Simply put, we help busy moms like you get their mojos back.  Think “thriving” instead of simply “surviving.”  Or, “midlife” without the “crisis.”


We offer distinct three tiers of support, all designed to foster easy, sustainable change without disrupting your otherwise jam-packed life:

  • Our two-week, anti-inflammatory Real Food Resets to help you support your hormones, detox your body, and form new habits.
  • Our six-week Eighty Bootcamps for weight loss, strategy, and accountability.
  • Our twelve-week, signature Blueprint private coaching program for total transformation.


So, if you’re feeling like:

  • You’ve developed some poor habits that you need to kick to the curb
  • You’re dieting and exercising, but can’t lose weight
  • Your body has changed despite “eating healthy”
  • Your stress level is through the roof and you’re irritable all the time
  • You’re not sleeping restfully and wake up tired
  • You’re in a rut with food and don’t know what to eat


We’ve got your back, Mom.  We want to help you succeed. Take advantage of a free 20-minute strategy call to discuss your needs and options!

The January Real Food Reset begins on January 10th! Eighty’s Real Food Reset is the TLC that your body needs after the excess of holiday months. Get Eighty’s real food cleanse at just $135 and start feeling fabulous again! Learn more here!

Sponsored by: Eighty 

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