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If you’re regularly buying books, whether it’s for bedtime stories, book club, your child’s textbooks or holiday gifts, those prices can really add up. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce, an online marketplace for new and used books, with over 10 million books in inventory and free shipping for purchases over $10! They also have an amazing option for selling your unused books via their site “We like to refer to ourselves as your neighborhood bookstore, online,” says Bradley Bonic, Performance Marketing Director at  He adds: “We resell gently used books in order to cut down on the production of new ones, but also offer new books for titles that are just coming out.” Here’s what else you should know about

Want to try it out? Go to and use code LOCALMOMS for 15 percent off your first purchase!

It’s a Great Way to Find Physical Books—Quickly
“With material shortages and extremely slow shipping times, it can be hard to find your favorite books right now. Our model gets more books to you, faster,” says Bradley. recently conducted a survey that proves people are looking to move away from e-readers; so while A Kindle offers readers a quick way to read, many of us still prefer to cozy up with a “real” book.

It’s Also a Simple Way to Make Money While Decluttering
Bradley says the company saw an increase in not only people reading over the pandemic, but also selling used books at Once you’re done with that book club book or your student is done with his assignment, just upload the title and get paid for decluttering! You just go to the site, enter the book’s ISBN number or download their app.  Once accepted, they’ll generate a free mailing label for you.

You’ll Be Supporting a Small Business
The concept is the same as shopping through any online retailer—except you’re shopping small. “You’re supporting a small, family-owned business and helping other consumers at the same time.  Customers sell back their used books, get the cash they need, and others get to purchase the books they need at deep discounts.  It’s a win-win,” says Bradley.

Be the Hero of Your Book Club
Book clubs often run into the issue of the public library running out of copies, or members not wanting to shell out tons of cash for a monthly book; might be the perfect solution. “We usually have many copies of the most popular books, so book club members can get the books they need and save money.  For those who choose not to hold on to the books they’ve read, they can even sell them back to us when they’re done to help pay for the next book,” says Bradley.  Two examples of book club ready options: The Giver of Stars is available for just $9.45 and Such a Fun Age is available for $7.77.

The Prices are Low – But Fair
“Amazon will always have amazing prices for new books because they force publishers and sellers to list their books at the lowest price on their marketplace, making it impossible for sellers – and authors – to make any money.  We price new books at fair market value, which is also true of used books but because they are used, the cost is going to be much lower than what you’d pay in the store,” says Bradley.

You’ll Never Need Another Source for Kids Books
As moms, we love buying our kids new books, and rotating them frequently to keep both kids (and readers!) interested. has a list of their Top Children’s Book Series,  here.  And below, find examples of some popular kids books, and their excellent pricing*:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Box Set – 111 copies for $56.00

The Bad Guys – 51 copies available for $3.88

Percy Jackson and the Olympians – 29 copies available at $3.88

The Princess in Black – 1 copy available for $3.88

The Explorer Academy – 1 copy available for $3.88

*prices and availability may fluctuate depending on daily demand 

Stay Tuned for More
A brick and mortar store,  international expansion and more are on their way. Go to to learn more—and use code LOCALMOMS for 15 percent off!


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