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The change of season is near – yellow school buses are back on the road, pumpkin spice everything is here, and your schedule just went next level. It’s the time of year when everyone starts talking about balance. How do you balance work and family? How do you balance your own health/well-being and family?

Let’s first mention some important distinctions about “balance”
1. It will look different for everyone.
2. How it looks will change over time depending on priorities.
3. It will never be 100% perfect.

Clients often ask me, where do I even begin? There is a simple exercise you can use to see what kind of balance you have in your life now. It’s called the Wheel of Life exercise. Visualize a wheel with the following categories:

Health – Your physical well being.
Relationships – includes your primary intimate relationship, family and friends.
Social – includes relgious/spiritual communities and other groups you are involved in.
Financial – how you budget, save and spend your money.
Professional – your work category.
Personal Growth – how you nurture your own growth, are you learning new things, engaged in hobbies?
Spirituality – when is that nurtured and how?

Rate where you feel you are in these categories from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest or best score. Don’t answer what you think it “should” be, be honest. The categories with the lowest scores likely need more attention and nurturing. Once we start investing in those categories that have been neglected, we begin to feel like there is more balance in our lives. This is an exercise you can do regularly to help you stay on course with your goals.

Of course, there are many obstacles that can prevent us from investing in certain areas of our life – stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, perfectionism, to name a few. I am committed to helping Moms overcome those obstacles and feel grounded in their identity, goals, and well being. If you think I can help, go to my website at and schedule a free 20-min consultation or give me a call at 201-407-7355. Look forward to meeting you!



This article was sponsored by Cindy Entrekin of New Persepectives Counseling.

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