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We’re excited to introduce Small Business Saturdays with local realtor, Stacey Donadio! Each Saturday we’ll be interviewing small businesses in our community, and learning more about the amazing people who run them! Stacey’s first stop is with The Muse Art Studio in Little Silver, NJ. Learn more about owner, Liz Evanko Buchanan, including her experience running a small business during COVID, and why she loves being here in Monmouth County!



Where are you from and where do you live now?
Proud New Jerseyite! Born in Rahway, Grew Up in Long Valley and now live in Little Silver, NJ
Tell us about your business! 
The Muse Art Studio located in Little Silver is where you #GETCREATIVE!  Owner and principal of The Muse Art Studio, Liz Evanko Buchanan, as an artist and art educator has created The Muse Art Studio to inspire and ignite artistic expression in all facets!!!  The creative services of The Muse are designed to enlighten & envision! “Open someone’s eyes… IMAGINE the possibilities!  Artist offering commissions, murals and fine art servicing private and corporate clients alike. Art Educator offering fine art instruction (privates, semi-private and small group) both inside the studio as well as on location! Our traveling Art Studio will set up shop in the privacy or your own home for all levels of art instruction, private parties and events, birthday parties, paint parties, and more!
What’s your background? What made you go into what you’re doing now? 
ALWAYS CREATIVE! Artist by nature
BFA with a Concentration in Studio Art. Excelled in all areas of both 2-D and 3-D visual art in the forms of Drawing, Painting Sculpture. Double Minor in Art History and Women’s Studies
Certified Teacher K-12 in NJ compliments of TCNJ. (College of New Jersey)
AP College Board Accredited in NJ
What do you love about having a business in Monmouth County?
 The energy, activeness and positive vibes and sense of community living by the water provides! Location is KEY!
What has been the most challenging part of running your business during COVID, and how did you overcome it?
 When it came to actually running and EXECUTING my business or lack there of on the day to day…
Having my hands tied (with the doors closed and no deadline in sight of when they could swing back open). It was like slamming into a brick wall…but being “buoyant” helped me bounce back and being able to “float” helped me tread lightly and keep my head above water, always looking forward to the shore line and being able to get back on the right path that leads to artistic adventure!   .
What are some exciting plans you have for the business in 2021?
EXPANSION! In all facets and every direction. Building off from an artistic and educational foundation.The Muse has a full color wheel up our art aprons as we roll into 2021! Future offerings of #art4allages. Art is Therapy is the “theme” for 2021!
  Creativity can and will happen at anytime for all ages!! Following the path of art education, The Muse will continue to offer fine art instruction, while infusing some creative freedom with our free-wheeling fun options such as POP UP Paint Parties, Pop Up Art Class Packs, Celebratory Events, Birthday Parties, Art Entertainment, etc. for kids of all ages! #theminimuse #thetweenscene
So, If “Art is Therapy” is the theme for 2021, what are some of your new adult offerings?
Looking to use creative expression as a tool for the masses to rebound after this UNIVERSAL “RESET” is KEY! Everyone is UNIQUE and as adults sometimes we get get wound up living in our “box”… aka THE DAILY GRIND!!! Whatever that may be … to each their own, The Muse can offer adults an outlet that puts them in touch with their inner artist on all levels based on our upcoming offerings!! Allowing yourself a minute to get dialed in, is what makes us all stay on the phone and have a “conversation.” Stay TUNED!!
The color wheel has already been spun and is in motion as we continue into Spring 2021…
What’s your favorite business in Monmouth County (other than yours!)? 
The REAL DEAL HOMEGROWN local ones..The Lifeline of every town everywhere and anywhere that is AMERICA!!!  There is EVERYTHING to be said to find all that you need in all avenues of life when you can be on a first named basis with someone!! It takes a village to raise a child. And it takes a village to care for all those children, the ones that raise their children, or have raised their children or will raise children down the road…
 When I say “local” ones I mean the homegrown, made from scratch with an original recipe. The organic ones that grew from the ground up on their own!!! Started and run by a family, a mom and pop, a mom, a pop, siblings, cousins, best friends, newfound friends. The ones that start with an “IDEA” and make it happen no matter what the odds! I love the businesses that defy all the odds, will throw down tenfold, WIN, LOSE, or DRAW and no matter what the outcome, whether or not it ends up in their favor… they are still on top because they left it ALL out on the table. That is UNIQUE, ORIGINAL, and ADMIRABLE.
The Muse Art Studio
4 Church St.
Little Silver, NJ

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