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  Spring is here, and with it comes new fashion! Need some inspiration? One of our earlier Meet-a-Mom’s, Middletown resident Tammy Leopaldi, runs fashion and lifestyle website, House of Leo Blog. Tammy shares with The Monmouth Moms some of her favorite spring splurges, and what she thinks are good investment pieces this season! Read more below!



     I think I bring you a healthy mix of bargain fashion pieces and premium priced pieces to mix into your wardrobe. The basis of HOLB has always been to mix highs and lows and today we are are going to focus on spring splurges to invest in this spring. Don’t worry I’m not talking Louis Vuitton prices here but introducing you to some some slightly higher priced sandals, bags and jewelry that you’ll get years of use out of while also being some of the biggest trend pieces of the season.


If there is one single category that I have always spent more it has to be my bag collection. I’ve splurged on them all. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Chanel. Since blogging though I have found other bags to bring into the mix where I don’t have to sacrifice quality, trend and would fit into many more of my followers budgets.

BAG (also herehere and here) | TOP JEANS SANDALS (also here)

The “it” bag of the season is easily the new The Marc Jacobs Traveler Tote bag. This one has been popping up all over the place and I can see why. It’s practical, weather proof (no rainy day issues), comes in several sizes and colors. Oh and it’s a crossbody. #thatisamust


Mini in slate green



Mini in red


Mini in black


Mini in black


Largest Traveler Tote


Small in blue

This spring splurge comes in The Traveler Tote size which is the largest. It also comes in the Traveler Small Tote Bag which is slightly larger than this one. Lastly it comes in the Traveler Mini Tote Bag which is the one I decided to get. I put all the colors and sizes in the widget above. Click to shop them directly.


For an everyday bag I find this to be the most practical size. Not too bulky, fits all my essentials and love that I can take the strap off and even switch to one of my other colorful ones. Honestly don’t think you could go wrong with any size depending on what type of tote you are looking for.


ZIP UP SWEATSHIRT (code LEO15 for 15% off) | TANK JEANS SNEAKERS BAG (use code TAMMY20 for 20% off)


Another one of my spring splurges to invest in is one of the newest designs by Quilted Koala. These are nothing new around here. Think it’s safe to say that most of us are now huge QK fans. If you are new around HOLB see this post where I review every style of bag that Quilted Koala offers.


SWEATER JEANS SHOES BAG (use code TAMMY20 for 20% off)


Quilted Koala just released the gray shibori seen above in the Midi East West bag. Also available in the large Luxe North South bag clutch and makeup bags. In addition to the gray shibori they also have pink shibori. Linking all the new bags here.


BAG (use code TAMMY20 for 20% off) | PINK TASSEL (code TAMMY20) | WHITE TASSEL (code TAMMY20) all c/o Quilted Koala


As always, there are a ton of ways to personalize and embellish your bags and a fun new addition I added for spring are the tassels. Come in tons of colors and you can add as few or as many as you want to really customized your bag. And don’t forget to use code TAMMY20 to save 20% off your Quilted Koala purchase.




SANDALS (also here)| BAG


I can’t talk spring splurges to invest in without talking Tory Burch. I splurge almost every year on a pair of Tory Burch sandals. Some years it’s just her flip flops. One year it was my pair of Millers (which I’m still wearing 3 years later). This year I was torn between the Miller Cloud Sandals and the Sport Slides. I had been asked if I would be reviewing the Miller Clouds but ultimately decided to get the Sport slides. My guess is the Clouds will offer more support than the original Millers, but being I already had Millers I wanted the Sport slides for a different look.


SANDALS (also here) | TOP JEANS


AND I love them! They come in 3 colors and the color I got is more a dark ivory almost a light tan. They are nice and cushioned and run TTS. The thing with this spring splurge is that Tory Burch shoes should last you a few years. I always get at least 3 years out of my sandals and flip flops from her.




PADLOCK NECKLACE (code TAMMY20 for 20% off) | PEARL INITIAL NECKLACE code TAMMY20 for 20% off (all c/o Sequin)

The last of my spring splurges to invest in is some good quality jewelry. I usually bring you a ton of budget friendly jewelry items to mix into your wardrobe but every so often it’s nice to add some better pieces in that will pack a statement and LAST.




These pieces from Sequin are all handcrafted and truly are stunning in person. They have whimsical pieces, bold pieces and romantic pieces to choose from. Lots of initial jewelry and a great variety of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Mine are 2 separate necklaces that I layered together but each looks great on it’s own. That padlock necklace is absolutely my favorite. Different yet customizable. They have higher priced items but also budget friendly pieces too. All items ship free and use code TAMMY20 for 20% off full priced items.


PADLOCK NECKLACE (code TAMMY20 for 20% off) | PEARL INITIAL NECKLACE (code TAMMY20 for 20% off)| EAR CUFF (code TAMMY20 for 20% off) | EARRINGS (code TAMMY20 for 20% off) (all c/o Sequin) | TOP JEANS

Think it’s safe to say my closet is just about ready for spring. Is there one spring splurge you’ll make this season? Let me know. I love to hear what items you are all saving up to buy!




Check out more from Tammy’s House of Leo Blog here:






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