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This story was contributed by Kristin Koch, executive editor at Seventeen magazine, blogger behind closetfulofclothes.com and mom of two. 

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to dress for. There’s nothing better than that short-lived period of cool, sunny weather when you can wear sweaters without coats, exposed ankles, and dresses without tights. After months of living in leggings, sweats and bathing suits, I’m excited to start getting dressed again, especially now that James is back in school and we’re actually leaving the house every day. Our days have still been crazy trying to get everyone dressed and ready and shuffling between work, school, activities, Zoom appointments, etc., so I haven’t had a lot of time to think about what I’m going to wear. In fact, even though most of the fall activities that I thought we’d been doing have been canceled and there aren’t the usual smattering of kids’ birthday parties every weekend, things feel crazier than ever (why is that?).

To avoid running out of the house looking like a hot mess, I always find it helpful to have some go-to outfits planned out in advance, so I can just throw them on in the five seconds I typically have to get myself ready. Now that I’m not heading into the office every day, I actually have to think more about what my day will entail and how to dress for it. To simplify things, because my brain is in overdrive right now as it is, I’ve put together my mom uniform for every type of activity and event: school drop off, weekend activities like apple picking and soccer practice, date nights (if and when they happen), etc..

While many days I never make it out of my workout clothes, having a few go-to fall outfits really helps me feel more put-together while I run around like a chicken with her head cut off. As we juggle working, homeschooling, hybrid or Zoom schooling, and everything else this fall, getting dressed is the last thing any mom should be worrying about, so I put together a fall mom uniform guide to make getting dressed easier.

Here’s what to wear to everything this fall.

School Drop Off

James is back in school (in person), and because I’m still working remotely, drop off is probably the most I’m seen in public these days. While some days I just wear my workout clothes in hopes of squeezing in a sweat sesh, I have also been stepping it up and throwing on some “real” clothes. Most mornings it’s pretty chilly, so a sweater and jeans is perfect for the morning school run. I like to invest in a few sweaters with fun details — like ruffles and puff sleeves, my personal faves recently — for fall. They’re just as cozy but elevate your entire look, so if you have to run home for a Zoom meeting, you’ll look camera-ready. While I have enjoyed living in sneakers and flip-flops for the past six months, fun flats are an easy way to look slightly more put-together without sacrificing comfort on our walk to school.


Ruffle Sweater + Cropped Jeans + Leopard Flats


Social Distanced Girls Night

I haven’t had a girls’ night out since the pandemic began, so now that things are opening up, I’m hoping to plan some fun socially-distanced get-togethers, even if it’s just drinking wine in someone’s backyard. I’m a dress girl, so I am living for any excuse to throw one on right now. For a night out, I love pairing a cute printed dress with tall boots (during the day, I’ll wear it with sneakers for running around, so I don’t have to worry about changing).

Dress + Brown Boots + Leopard Mask


Outdoor Dining for Date Night

Date nights have also not happened forever, but I’m hoping while the weather is still nice and we can eat outside, to get in some more one on one time with the hubs. Tbh, Andrew wouldn’t care if I wore sweats to dinner, but I like to dress up when we go out, even if it’s just for a quick bite in town. With that said, I try to stick with comfy footwear because we like to walk around after dinner, and can we just all agree that heels are canceled for 2020? Since it gets chilly at night, I like to go with a midi or maxi dress for extra coverage and bring a cozy cardigan to wrap myself in when the sun goes down.

Long Sleeve Dress + Cardigan + Sneakers

Apple Picking

I can’t believe it’s already apple picking season! I consider this activity as much about the photo opps as the apples (and let’s be serious, you drive for an hour to get there, the kids are good for five minutes of picking and then everything goes to hell, so the least you deserve for all that effort is an Instagram-worthy family pic). Since I know I’ll want to take pics, I always try to wear something cute on top. You’re still apple picking, so I stick with jeans and wellies on bottom.

Liberty Print Top + Ankle Jeans + Boots


Work Zoom Call

Honestly, when working from home, you could get away with a cute top or blazer on top and sweats on bottom, but I’m a fan of throwing on a comfy dress. It helps me get into work mode and focus. Plus, I’m often presenting, leading a meeting, or talking to press or outside clients, so I want to look polished. But I will wear slippers with it, and if it’s cold, sweatpants underneath. I’ve invested in a few dresses and tops with fun necklines since that’s all anyone sees (pilgrim collars and puff sleeves are my favorite right now), and I try to throw on cute earrings or a necklace — it really makes a difference, especially if you haven’t washed your hair in a few days.


Black Collared Dress + Furry Slippers + Pearl Hoops


Cozy Quarantine

If ever there was a time to invest in a sweatsuit, quarantine is it. Honestly, when hanging out at home, I’m usually in ratty old college sweats. But now that we’re hanging out at home 24/7, I’ve found myself wanting to step up my loungewear. A cozy sweatsuit is the perfect answer, and I’m not embarrassed to bump into people if I wear it outside to walk the dog or ride bikes with the kids.

Knit Joggers + Matching Hoodie + Sandals

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