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Well for one — don’t wear pajamas everyday LOL! So many of us are now out of the office and trying to navigate how to work, homeschool and continue to run our households all while staying sane! I remember when I started working from home 2 years ago it was literally a shock to my system. I know it’s most people’s dream to WFH but there’s also a system that needs to be put in place to be successful and productive at it. So today I’m sharing my top tips for working from home that I have been doing for the past 2 years.



Sounds pretty obvious right? Well whether you are your own boss or working for somewhere else it’s crucial to set a working schedule when working from home. I have whiteboards that literally map out my day into time slots. You’ll need to tweak your own schedule but I’ll share mine to give you an idea. Keep in mind I am tailoring this schedule to having Summer home during Covid-19.


6:30am wake up, have coffee, check emails

7:30am to 8:30am workout

8:30am to 9am shower, get dressed

9am to 10am work on Instagram

10am to 12pm school time with Summer

12pm to 2pm lunch, free time for Summer, catch up on my work

2pm finish schoolwork with Summer

4pm to 6pm Summer has virtual dance class. I finish up my work for the day.

6pm to 9pm dinner, bath, dessert and bedtime





I get it. We are all isolated in our homes and no one is going to see us, but it’s amazing how freshening ourselves up can feel. I’m not saying add mascara and heels. But maybe some foundation and a pair of jeans a few days a week will help you feel a tad more normal.



Huge one. I’ve always been a stickler for making beds but I think it does wonders for the psyche when the bedroom looks tidy. Also every morning put the dishes away, run the vacuum and straighten up the living room.




Working from home can be super isolating. Schedule in breaks whether to get outside for your afternoon coffee. Call a friend. Set a timer to shop online for a half hour. See this post for some good sales!


This one I struggle with. If I don’t plan lunch I literally will just skip it. But if I plan lunches ahead of time I’m more likely to skip the Cheez-its and eat a healthy balanced meal.


Granted we might not all have home offices so if you don’t then create a space where you can work that is quiet, pretty to look at and will keep you organized. Don’t work from the couch or your bedroom. Set up a space where you will have room to be organized and is away from everyone else if possible. If you have to set up a folding table in the dining room by a window then so be it!


There is no magic schedule to working from home. It’s all trial and error as I’ve learned these past 2 years. And now adding homeschooling into the mix has changed my schedule once again. Try things out, test what is working and what isn’t working and don’t be afraid to remap out a new schedule to see if that works better for you and your family.



Even though the world is so unsettled right now and we all want to grab the bottle of vino by 6pm (me too mamas) we have to just enjoy the extra family time we are getting right now. Schedule in extra movies together, bake and do crafts. AND don’t be afraid to let the kiddos pitch in and help! It’s scary and confusing for them too. Take time to remind them of what is going on and that you are going through it with them.



Hopefully these tips helped with working from home for any of my mamas that are struggling to navigate their new day to day. If you have any tips for working from home drop them in the comments below for us all to see!



Tammy Leopaldi lives in Middletown, NJ with her husband and daughter! Check out Tammy’s fashion and lifestyle blog, here!

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