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By: Jill Zedalis

Tilton Fitness Director of Marketing

Personal Trainer

Mother of 1



I have a habit of setting goals for the New Year, every year. Then life tends to happen, I forget about those goals and focus on pretty much everything else. Can you relate? If you are thinking yes (which I am sure you are), then I am proposing we make 2020 different. Let’s work together to set goals, make progress towards them daily, and be really happy with the outcome at the end of the year.


The problem with goals is, that overachieving moms like all of you, set these really huge goals in an unrealistic timeline and then we are completely disappointed when we don’t achieve them. I am going to give you a few insights about goal setting, and tips and tricks to be successful this year!


  1. Your goal needs to be realistic for your CURRENT lifestyle, not the lifestyle you dream you have.


In no way am I saying that you shouldn’t have dreams of a different and better lifestyle than you currently have, but your goals should be something that you can realistically achieve in your current situation. For example, you should not set a goal of waking up at 5am every single day to take a spin class, if you are the one responsible to wake your child up for school and get them on the bus by 6:30am. Unless that situation will be changing in the near future, this is not a realistic goal for you. Being active and taking a regular spin class is a great goal! But you need to modify it, and pick a class time that works for your routine. Tilton Fitness in Hazlet offers a variety of spin classes at different times, to accommodate all schedules. 


On a similar note, if you have never exercised in your life or have not exercised in many years, jumping right in to working out five days a week is probably not a great first step. Set a goal of exercising three days per week for sixty minutes. Not only is this a goal you can stick too, but it will help make you feel and look better too!


  1. Take it day by day


No matter your goal or resolution, it can be scary to think about making a big change and especially making that change for a whole year. Let’s say your goal is to eliminate added sugar from your diet for the whole year. Thinking about 365 days without a brownie or that daily iced tea can be a little overwhelming and seem impossible. Instead of looking at 365 days, just take it one day at a time. Wake up in the morning and say I am not having any sugar for today, and that seems much more doable. After a couple of weeks, this will become your new norm and it will be so much easier! Tilton Fitness in Hazlet not only helps our members with exercise, but we want to help you maintain a healthy diet too! Our fitness staff is happy to help with nutrition recommendations, and great substitutes for those sweet treats we love.



  1. Get the support of friends a family


Setting a goal and sticking to it can be really hard, and sometimes we lose the intrinsic motivation to keep working at it. Enlisting the support of friends and family, or having them work towards that same goal with you is a great way to stick with your goal and even make it more fun! At Tilton Fitness in Hazlet we offer partner and small group training options that are a great choice for a group of family or friends looking to get fit for the New Year!  



Whether your goal be fitness and health related, or even something as simple as taking more time for yourself, it is possible to achieve that goal this year! Be positive, work hard, value yourself, and make 2020 your best year yet. Stop by and visit us at Tilton Fitness, and we will set your goals together.



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