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We are pleased to introduce Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry of Little Silver! With a great staff, inviting kid-friendly office complete with Solea Laser Technology, it is an easy choice for a parent to stop by Atlantic Pediatric for a visit . Last year we had a bad experience while getting a cavity filled for my daughter and I didn’t know how I could ever bring her to an office again. Not only was the experience traumatizing for her, but as a parent I felt like there was nothing I could do. I wish we knew about Dr. Guerrasio and Dr. Safari first!  It makes us happy to know offices like Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry exist and provide the care all parents dream about. Read the article below written by Dr. Guerrasio to learn how Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry can make a visit to the dentist easier for both parents and children.


     “Your child has a cavity.” It is one of those phrases that every parent dreads hearing; but with 43% of America’s children experiencing decay between the ages of 2 to 191, it is a phrase that is said every day in our community’s dental offices. If you have ever had a cavity filled as a child, that phrase will immediately cause a flash back to the days of “old school” dentistry. This image probably includes a scary looking dentist doling out shots, and the whine of the drill in the background, all in the effort to fix your teeth. The next thought that pops into your head as your are brought back to reality is, “how on earth are we going to get this done?”

      As a mom, pediatric dentist, and dental patient, I am happy to report that things have changed. While local anesthesia and the traditional tools of dentistry have their place, pediatric dentistry has evolved to keep you little one’s tears at bay. The pediatric dental practice that my husband and I proudly run is a family friendly environment that sees each child as an individual, and customizes treatment to their specific needs. Our open door policy allows parents to go through the entire visit with us, creating a sense of comfort for the child and encouraging all family members to take an active role in their family’s dental health.

     An equally important part in creating a successful dental visit, is to use the very best materials and equipment that our industry has to offer. One of the best investments we have made in our patient’s treatment experience is the Solea Laser produced by Convergent Dental. It allows dental professionals to treat decay effectively, efficiently, and without the complications associated with local anesthesia.

      Solea has revolutionized how Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry treats our young patients, and has completely changed everyone’s perceptions of the dental setting. The Solea laser can be used on both hard (teeth/bone) and soft tissue (gingiva/frenum attachments) WITHOUT local anesthetic. The pulses of infrared light placed on the affected tooth surface provide an anesthetic effect in 98% of documented cases, and a cauterizing effect which ELIMINATES blood loss. Cavities are removed by the pin-point vaporization of affected tooth structure, and tongue and lip ties are removed without blood or stitches. Children no longer fear a shot when they sit in our chair, or experience the lingering “pins and needles” associated with a local anesthetic. Best of all, much more can be accomplished in a single visit, with parents and patients breathing a sigh of relief that they won’t have to make many return visits before their next checkup.

      Our team’s mission is to treat each child as if they were our own, by providing them with exceptional pediatric dental care in a caring environment. We love what we do! And with technology like the Solea, it will make your child love it as well.


Dr. Sally Guerrasio and Dr. Matt Safari of Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry

Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry

200 White Road, Suite 113

Little Silver, NJ 07739

P: 732-842-1155

A view of Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry’s wait and play area.

One of their patient rooms

You can find out more about Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry by clicking on their site link above,

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